Taylor Swift surprises 96-year-old WW II veteran

Singer Taylor Swift, known for surprising her fans by showing up at weddings or inviting them over for dance parties at her house, continued the tradition by paying a visit to a 96-year-old World War II veteran at his Missouri home.

Cyrus Porter had made headlines for being the oldest “Swifty” (fans of Swift). He had said earlier that he has been to multiple concerts by the songstress.

On Monday, she showed up at his home. Swift even posed for photos with Porter, as seen in shots shared on Twitter by his grandchildren Robert Frye and Chip Dawg, reports ew.com.

“It’s a Christmas miracle!” Frye captioned a selfie of the three of them.

“Thank you Taylor Swift. My grandpa was so excited!”

Porter appeared to take Swift through some of his World War memorabilia.

She later played her guitar for an acoustic performance as Porter and family watched.


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