Television Content is Highly Questionable Says IS She Raju? director Rahul Kumar Shukla

Filmmaker Rahul Kumar Shukla who is gearing up for the release of A 6 Production’s forthcoming film ‘Is She Raju?’ says that nowadays stuff and ideas that pass in the name of the content, especially on television is questionable and highly derogatory.

Director Rahul Kumar Shukla and producer Anju Dhingra were interacting with media to promote their forthcoming drama ‘Is She Raju’.

The forthcoming drama also takes a dig at Television content especially the show Naagin from Ekta Kapoor’s production house.

Talking about the satire on television content, Rahul said, “I am not against variety and versatility of content, but have you seen ideas, concept and stuff that passes in the name of the content, especially on television is appalling.  Their definition of content is highly questionable and the content is derogatory. And to make matter worse, it is passed by an approved body, whereas filmmaker are struggling to get their movie passed from censor-board”

Adding further Rahul said, “Content stands for entertainment and knowledge, I fail to see both. I mean, children are watching those horrid shows; makers need to be a little responsible while making a show, which has a run time of years. Have you seen the way women are portrayed in some of the serials? Is it really a sign of healthy content or progressive society?”

See, Movie gets released and next week it’s gone, but shows remain on the air for years. People are not at all responsible with the content quality. Big production house gets their approval by hook or crook, but when it comes to movies, even mentioning someone’s name can get protestor outside your office. It is dictatorial favouritism at best and I wanted to address it in my movie. I will stand against it”

‘Is She Raju??’ stars Ansh Gupta, Aditi Bhagat, Yashpaal Saini and Saurabh Sharma in a situational comedy. The story revolves around a group of friends and the most embarrassing and regretful moments of their life.

Further adding Rahul said, “The film talks about regretful moments in lives, as a concerned filmmaker I widened my horizon and talked about the television content as one of the regret in one character’s life”

The film is high on situational comedy, which makes it a relatable watch. The film also stars Lapataganj fame Abbas Khan and Amit Bhel in major roles.

The film is bankrolled byA 6 Production’s  Anju Dhingra.  The film is slated for Women’s Day releases, 8th March 2019.



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