Telugu TV actor commits suicide (Lead)

A Telugu television actor allegedly committed suicide at his residence here on Wednesday, police said.

Pradeep, 29, who was popular for acting in serials such as “Saptamatrika” and “Aruguru Prativatulu”, was found hanging in his flat in Alkapuri colony in the early hours.

Police suspect marital discord to be the reason for the actor’s extreme step.

Pradeep reportedly had argument with his wife Pavani Reddy, also a TV artist, on Tuesday night.

Police found the mirror at the wash basin broken, indicating that there was a physical fight between Pradeep and his wife, who had a love marriage a year ago.

Pradeep was allegedly unhappy with his wife keeping the picture of Shravan in her WhatsApp profile.

Shravan, said to be a relative of Pavani, had recently come from Dubai and was staying at Pradeep’s house.

Pradeep’s relatives alleged that it was not a suicide and suspect the foul play. They demanded investigations against both Pavani and Shravan.

However, Shravan and Pavani denied the allegations.

Police registered a case of death under suspicious circumstances but said they were probing the case from all angles.


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