“Super Bheem Hawa Mein Halla”, the third instalment in the popular “Super Bheem” TV movie franchise, will release around the occasion of Dussehra next month.

The makers of the popular fictional character Chhota Bheem have come up with its spin-off called “Super Bheem”.

The previous two TV movies released in the franchise are “Main Hun Super Bheem” and “Super Bheem Trayodash Ki Kahani”.

“We have been toiling with the idea of expanding Bheem’s capabilities and giving him an extra edge over a new breed of far more menacing villains,” the creator of Chhota Bheem, Rajiv Chilaka of Green Gold Animation, said in a statement.

“During the course of our theatrical release, we felt that Bheem on TV needed the spunk of the Bheem on 70 mm. It was a germ of an idea, but television viewing follows an entirely different pattern and to cater to this we needed the aid of a spin-off to showcase a far more powerful Bheem and uncharted terrain,” he added.

“Super Bheem Hawa Mein Halla” will be aired on Pogo.