‘Thupparivaalan’ features Sherlock, Dr. Watson type characters

Filmmaker Mysskin says his upcoming Tamil thriller “Thupparivaalan”, which stars Vishal and Prasanna in the lead, features the actors in Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson type of characters.

“I had this script in mind for a long time now and Vishal fits the bill of playing a Sherlock Holmes-like detective. Prasanna’s character has the shades of Dr. Watson,” Mysskin told IANS.

He added that his characters are only inspired from Sherlock and Watson and are not entirely based on them.

“Everyone gets inspired from something or the other. Edgar Allen Poe came up with the first detective story and then came Sherlock Holmes. There is a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism,” he said.

“My story has nothing related to Sherlock Holmes or other detective movies. ‘Thupparivaalan’ has anecdotes from Subramaniya Bharathi, Mahatma Gandhi; there is love, friendship and ego. This is something I always wanted to write,” he added.

With ten more days of shoot left, Mysskin said Vishal was the first choice for the script.

“Vishal’s physique suited the script well. However, for the movie, I pitched in with my inputs and he did whatever he could. He is like my younger brother and I always listen to him. However, I wonder, if audience will see ‘Thupparivaalan’ as Vishal’s film or Mysskin’s,” he said.

Also starring Anu Emmanuel, the film is gearing up for August 11 release.


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