Tobey Maguire trying to flirt with Emma Stone

Actor Tobey Maguire, who separated from Jennifer Mayer in October last year after nine years of marriage, is now reportedly pursuing actress Emma Stone and has even received her phone number.

According to a source, Maguire tried to flirt with the “La La Land” actress when they were both at the Chateau Marmont hotel here, reports

“He was checking her out a lot, hoping she’d notice him,” the source told Life & Style magazine.

Maguire reportedly approached Stone eventually and started “showering her with cheesy compliments, telling her how all of Hollywood was in love with her.”

Unfortunately, the actress “didn’t seem interested in him.”

But the source said that she was still kind enough to give him her number and tell him they could meet for coffee before she ran off.

“It was pretty obvious she was blowing him off,” the source added.


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