US-based indie filmmaker shoots using film stock

US-based indie filmmaker Viral Pal has revived an old school filmmaking process and shot his maiden feature film “Recapture” on actual film stock, which is a rarity in today’s digital world.

After his brief stint with making interesting short films, the former Google sales executive shot his 90-minute film on 16 mm film stock for the price of a second-hand car.

Talking about the initiative of reviving old school process of filmmaking, Virat said in a statement: “While digital is a fantastic tool that has revolutionized the process of filmmaking completely, for filmmakers who feel their projects require a different look and feel, shooting on film is definitely the way forward.”

He added that shooting on film stock, especially 16 mm, gives a very unique, textured, distinct and an essentially cinematic look.

“This format has been utilized for a long time and is still in use, with films like ‘Black Swan’, ‘Carol’, and ‘Jackie’ being shot on 16 mm, along with the behemoth Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino films being shot on a mixture of 35 and 70 mm film. The technique is an integral part of our filmmaking history and hence should be kept as a viable option,” he explained.

Tarantino’s last directorial “The Hateful Eight” was shot in 70 mm.

“Recapture” is a psychological thriller. It’s about a paranoid blind man whose life takes a twisted course when he develops a strange relationship with the woman next door. The film is being submitted to film festivals across the globe.


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