Use natural oils, shampoo regularly for healthy hair in monsoon

Frizzy hair as well as sticky and grimy skin are common complaints in the rainy season. Battle these problems with natural oils, regular cleansing and tie your hair up to trap in the moisture and prevent frizz.

Agnes Chen, Technical Head of Streax Professional, and Shubhika Jain and Sangeeta Jain, co-founders of RAS Luxury Oils, suggest:

* Shampoo your hair regularly to cleanse and purify, depending on your hair type.

* To prevent frizz, apply a few drops of hair potion on the mid-lengths and ends.

* Make sure to dry your hair thoroughly if it gets wet in the rain.

* Invest in good natural oils and catch up with the trend today. These oils not just have anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties that help treat skin and hair really well, they can also help restore the lost moisture.

Mineral oils tend to form a layer on your skin instead of getting absorbed which becomes even worse during the monsoon weather. Use plant-based pure cold-pressed oils that are absorbent and suited to your skin.

When using natural oils, do not use pure essential oils directly on skin. Blend a few drops of the essential oil with a carrier oil, lotion or cream for safe and effective usage.

Here is a list of some natural oils with different purposes:

Pomegranate oil is known for its amazing antioxidant and hyper-absorbent properties. It replenishes lost moisture and boosts collagen production. The fruit is excellent for dull, dry hair and brings back that lost shine.

Argan oil is enriched with vitamin E, minerals and antioxidants. It helps in clearing out acne, reducing stretch marks, does not leave residues on the skin and is great to tame frizzy hair. Applying argan oil to UV damaged skin can actually fade sun spots and heal the dry, leathery, skin that results from overexposure to UV by enhancing the regeneration of healthy cells.

Rosemary essential oil emanates a wood-like but sweet aroma that stimulates focus, memory retention and alertness. It can also help prevent and get rid of dandruff and get a healthy scalp.

* Conditioning of the mid lengths and ends with a masque is mandatory.

* Tie your hair up to trap in the moisture and prevent frizz.

* Go for a hair spa at salon to pamper your tresses.