Ways to increase life of electric chimney

Want to clean those greasy electric chimney or cooker hoods’

Make sure that the filters fit properly and get a professional to visit and service the chimney at regular intervals, says an expert.

Rakesh Kumar Jain, Deputy General Manager Quality Assurance, Inalsa, has shared ways to maintain electric chimneys or kitchen hoods, which play a major role in your kitchen.

*Choose wisely: See the suction power of a chimney before you install one in your kitchen. It is the capacity of the motor, of the chimney, to suck oil particles and odour. The chimneys with a long hose have generally more suction power. An Indian kitchen essentially requires a chimney with higher air suction capacity.

*Fit filters: If the filters do not function properly the suction becomes poor and can pose a health hazard. The choice of the right filter improves the performance of the chimney.

*Install right: Go for a chimney which requires less maintenance, install the chimney at low height (four feet) so that cleaning is easy. This height also aids in effectively removing the smoke and oil particles.

*Right size for the job: It’s important to choose the correct size of the electric chimney keeping in mind the size of your kitchen, a perfect match will give the best results.

*Professional help: Careful usage and self-maintenance is important but one needs to get a professional to visit and service the chimney at regular intervals.


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