We should err on the side of humanity: Jonathan Banks

Actor Jonathan Banks says he has one philosophy is life and that is to “err on the side of humanity”.

“You should err on the side of humanity. You can’t let people die when it’s right there in your face,” Banks said in a statement.

The actor, who was in “Breaking Bad”, and is seen in “Better Call Saul”, went on to explain how he got this spirit.

He said: “This is totally off the subject, but my wife and I were in the earthquake in San Francisco. We were watching the World Series and there’s an earthquake. Smoke starts to rise and it’s almost impossible to get back into town. But we get back in, it’s after dark, and the shop owners had their cars pulled up on the curb and they were standing in front of their stores with guns.

“A lot of the hotels made you show your ID to get inside. But the Meridien hotel — where we were staying – opened their doors. You couldn’t go up into the hotel, but they opened their doors… That hotel made the choice to be decent to human beings. Not just to their guests but to human beings…I thought: People are good.”

“Better Call Saul” is aired in India on Colors Infinity,


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