What made Sarah Paulson look like ‘highlighter’

Actress Sarah Paulson has joked that her “Ocean’s 8” premiere dress made her look like a “highlighter”.

Speaking on Wednesday’s episode of “Lorraine”, the actress, 43, went on to reveal she loved her look, before noting that she’s now “in her prime in her 40s”, reports dailymail.co.uk.

At the New York premiere of her latest film, she wore an eccentric lime green dress with thick tassel-like detailing.

Looking at the picture from the premiere, Paulson revealed: “I look like a giant highlighter… but I love it”.

Proving she’s having fun with fashion, the actress said: “Enjoy your womanhood and all that it brings.”

She elaborated on her lifestyle, admitting: “I’m in my prime in my 40s. I feel the most in my body and have had the best opportunities I’ve ever had.

“It makes it that much sweeter cause I know how lucky I am to be invited to the party at all.”

She offered detail into the statement: “Earlier in life you take it for granted and you think that you just get success – but as you get older you realise you’re lucky.”


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