Women shouldn’t remain quiet on atrocities: Param Singh

Actor Param Singh, currently seen as anti-hero Rangeela in TV show “Ghulaam”, says women should speak up against atrocities.

“I feel women should not remain quiet in the face of atrocities. Rather they should speak about these issues. It will be good to know some day that there is an increase in the number of women reporting the issues rather than the increase in crime,” Param said in a statement.

“Ghulaam” is inspired from real life instances and shows how cases of rape and gender inequality remain unreported in India.

“By living this character every day, I have closely understood how grave these issues are. It disturbs me to know something like that still prevails. What surprises me is there are so many violent crimes against women which are going unreported and unnoticed,” Param said.

“Ghulaam” is aired on Life OK.


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