Actress Zendaya has revealed that she wears lace-front wigs to make her look “completely different”.

The 20-year-old says she often uses false hair pieces, including hair extensions and full wigs, which she prefers because they help her to change her aesthetic with one product, reports

“Lace-front wigs, those are the best when it comes to full-coverage and looking natural. They can be applied with tape and/or glue. I wear them when I want a completely different look,” she posted on her website.

Zendaya has also advised those who want to opt for a weave, when the hair is braided and the fake locks are stitched into the plait, should be regularly re-done, because she believes it is “disgusting if it isn’t changed”.

“A weave is when you braid your hair up, you have a net over it and you weave the hair — the tracks — into the net that is sewn onto your head. You can have it up to a month and some change depending on how your hair grows and how you take care of it. You must get it re-done, it can’t stay on forever, that is disgusting,” she posted.