Privileged And Honoured To Carry Forward The Family Legacy Says Nabeel Khan

Sarangi prodigy, Nabeel Khan is over the moon as he gets to carry his generation’s of music legacy forward and find himself honoured and privileged to play his grandfather’s eighty years old traditional Moradabad Sainia Gharana Sarangi.

Multi-talented Nabeel Khan who is world’s youngest established sarangi player, composer, singer and a songwriter is the eight generation of Sarangi artists in his family and is the grandson of Sarangi Samrat Padma Bhushan Awardee Ustad Sabri Khan Saheb.

“It’s a privilege and honour to be able to play my grandfather’s eighty years old traditional Moradabad Sainia Gharana Sarangi. It’s a big moment for any musician to carry forward the family legacy, especially the musical legacy. It’s not just an instrument for me; its art, culture, heritage, history, hard work and dedication, all wrapped in one”

“My vision is to promote the legacy of Sarangi in its true spirit and become the best instrumentalist in the world with my elders’ blessings. I want people to understand that Sarangi is an exquisite instrument which can be played to the needs of the modern age as well, making it a timeless instrument” added Khan.

With music coursing throw his veins, Nabeel Khan took to music at a tender age and soon emerged as a Sarangi prodigy and started first and only academy promoting Indian classical culture along with the instrument Sarangi called Sarangi Cultural Academy.

The young maestro credits his mother for providing the much needed balance, for his academics and musical journey. He said, “Had it not been for my mother, balancing my academics and Sarangi tutelage would have been unimaginable”


Time and international exposure has changed the musical landscape of India and Nabeel, with his knee musical sense, saw it coming and changed gears accordingly.

Khan has a remarkable presence on You-Tube and social media, to influence today’s generation by doing innovative fusion song videos and music concerts. ‘Let’s Learn Sarangi’.

His debut original song ‘Jaanejaan’ is a classic example of creativity at its best; the creative use of Indian classical music through Sarangi with western instruments struck a chord with everyone.

‘Let’s Learn Sarangi’   is one such initiative where through a series of basic videos Mr Khan aimed at imparting online Indian classical knowledge during previous year’s lockdown period.

“It’s a thrilling experience to usher this era of fusion music in the Indian landscape through Sarangi” said Khan.

After Jaanejaan, Nabeel’s new release titled Jazbaat Dil Ke Aise, released by Bullman Record label turned yet another hit for its beautifully crafted lyrics and music.

Mr Khan pledges to release a lot more exciting stuff in the coming months.