‘Anantapuram-1980’ with political backdrop

A successful Tamil film ‘Subrahmanyapuram’ with ‘Colours’ Swati of Ashta Chemma fame in the lead is being dubbed into Telugu as ‘Anantapuram-1980’. Sasikumar, who played the hero, himself directed the movie. The Telugu version is being produced by M Ranganath on the banner of Simhapuri Talkies with M Narendra as presenter.

Producer says, ‘Though it was a small budget movie, it became a blockbuster in Tamil. It is not a film with faction backdrop, but it will reflect the conditions prevailing in Anantapur. Our film has a very good message for the youth. How five youths faced troubles in the hands of opportunistic politicians is the basic theme of the movie. How the hero was cheated in the name of love would be quite interesting. The entire second half would be full of suspense. Even the Malayalam version of the film too was a hit. We will soon release the film in Telugu.’ Dialogues are by Sashank Vennelakanti, lyrics are by Vennelakanti, while music is by James Vasanthan.


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