25 days completed for Venkata in Sankata

Ramesh Aravind yet another comedy flick Venkata in Sankata have completed a successful 25 days at the theatres and is still going strong. A press meet was called in to celebrate the 25 days of house full run as at Press Club in Bangalore. Actors Umesh, Karibasavaiah, Bhasker Rao, Ajay, Arjun, Meghana and Anusha participated in event with other team members.

Ramesh Aravind is hopeful that Venkata in Sankata has a very good run ahead since the schools will close for summer vacations and people will come to theatres in large numbers. He thanked the producers of Sinema House, Naren, Prakash and Ashok theatres for giving him a free hand and for having the right attitude. Naren, on behalf of Sinema House, said that he intends to come out with another film announcement on the 50 days celebrations of Venkata in Sankata.


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