Aadhavan runs cut-short of 20mins

Perhaps, Tamil Cinema has been witnessing rapid change with a new sort of film editing. Gone are those days, where the first print was viewed personally by crew and few shots were cut with accordance to the views. Merely now, the filmmakers have started trimming the sequences after watching film along with audiences.

Aadhavan‘ released for Diwali has been witnessing house packed shows, but audiences have felt that the duration is exceeding than the actual limit. K.S. Ravikumar had recently insisted his assistants to watch the film in all theatres. Now the latest buzz is that around 20mins will be trimmed and producer Udhayanidhi Stalin has strongly ordered not to place any works on sequences of Vadivelu.

It seems that few sequences of Surya and other characters will be cut, including the prelude of title song where Surya plays mouth organ. As well, the stunt sequence of assassination drama in the beginning will be reduced to shorter duration.

–R. Richard Mahesh


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