Actor Surya clears up the crisis

With Surya’s ‘Aadhavan‘ ready to hit the screens on this Saturday, there were buzzes about journalists’ decision on not supporting any of his upcoming films. It all happened due to his scurrilous speech on journalists at Nadigar Sangam meeting. It’s worth mentioning that Radha Ravi, Sarath Kumar, Vivek, Suriya, Sathyaraj and many others had also rendered abusive speech on the occasion.

To keep his head off the troubled waters, actor Surya has penned a personal letter to all media channels on clarifying his speech. The actor has clearly mentioned that he was infuriated with few journalists, who are keen on hurting the feelings of actors with their gossips.

Finally, the actor concludes that he is grateful to many journalists for having supported his entire family in all their activities and career.

–R. Richard Mahesh


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