Adam Lambert Doesn’t Want To Become A Father Now!

October 23, 2010 : American Idol runner up Adam Lambert who is busy with his publicity tour in Sydney, Australia for the second time in the recent past, has brushed aside all talks of fatherhood citing that he is too young to take on the responsibility. In a statement to the media on being asked about his plans of settling down and being father, Adam Lambert promptly replies that he is still at the start of his career and would like to concentrate on the work in his hand. Further, the American Idol talent also feels that he is too young to take the responsibility of being a father on his shoulders.

Adam Lambert feels that everything in life happens at its own assigned time and fatherhood, too, will come to him at a time when he can put his career commitments on the backburner, adding that when the time did come for him to be a father, he would happily accept the responsibility and take a break for 5 to 10 years, so that his child may receive his full concentration.

The American Idol star has been very busy since his win. Representatives of Adam Lambert have reported that he is scheduled to perform at a concert in Europe after the completion of his Australia tour. The Europe tour will be followed up by a studio recording for his upcoming album.


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