Allu National Award given away to Padmanabham

The national award instituted in the name of Allu Ramalingaiah was given away to the comedian of yesteryears Padmanabham at a function held at Ravi Narayana Reddy auditorium recently. Allu Aravind felicitated Padmanabham with golden anklet (swarna kankanam), while Gummadi covered him with a shawl. Several speakers who attended the function lauded the services of Padmanabham to the Telugu film industry.

Replying to the felicitations, Padmanabham says,

“A human being enters the world crying and leaves it crying. But between birth and death, one should live his life with a smile. I am happy that I got an opportunity to make people laugh as an artiste.”

Later, Padmanabham rendered a song ‘Naa Vooru Madrasu… Naa Peru Ramdasu...’ and made the audiences burst into laughter. Later Ramcharan Teja says,

“My grandfather Allu Ramalingaiah watched films of all our family members, but he expired by the time I made entry as hero and he did not watch any of my films. I feel very bad whenever it comes to my mind. I am very happy at giving the award in his name to Padmanabham.”


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