Dui Prithibi Will Star The Dev-Jeet Duo

October 7, 2010 : At present, Dev and Jeet are the leading heroes of the Bengali Film industry and they have just finished working on their joint venture Dui Prithibi. The two hunks of Bengali cinema are very excited about their upcoming film which is going to release across 200 screens on October 14, 2010.  Jeet is paired with Koel Mallick and Dev will romance Barkha Bisht in the upcoming flick.

In a recent interview, the duos spoke about their respect and admiration for each other. Jeet mentioned that he always had a soft corner for Dev and congratulated him after the success of his first film. On the other hand, Dev said that he has always admired Jeet’s onscreen work and idolizes him to a great extent. Dev also mentioned that Jeet has a lot to offer to the Bengali cine-goers.

The duo confessed that their onscreen chemistry is a direct reflection of the camaraderie they share in their real life.  Before they started working on this project, they were mere acquaintances to each other but during the grueling shooting schedule, they formed a great male bonding.

The two friends often meet up to discuss their passion for films, acting, and current affairs. The duo also communicates a lot over the phone.  We are sure the Bengali audience will love to see the two heroes come together in this highly-anticipated film.


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