Huge cutouts of Rajnikanth’s ‘Kuslean’ dot US

New York, July 31 (IANS) Rajnikanth starrer “Kuselan” fever is rising in the US. As part of the mega Tamil film’s promotion, several 25-feet-high cutouts of the south Indian superstar are being unveiled for the first time at several places to coincide with its release.

The big budget movie, in both Tamil and Telugu – where it is titled “Katha Nayakadu” – is being released July 31 in 50 centres all over the US, a record of sorts for a South Indian movie in the country. Rajnikanth cutouts will be seen at cinemas showing “Kuselan” in New Jersey, Dallas, Houston, Chicago and San Francisco. They were made in India and shipped to locations in the US, a press release said.

The cutouts are part of the film’s promotion by Pyramid Saimira Group, parent company of FunAsia that operates the largest chain of theatres in North America showing Indian films. Pyramid has acquired the global rights of “Kuselan”. Rajnikanth is the second highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan with a huge fan following worldwide.

The film is expected to become the first south Indian movie to potentially feature in the top 10 for the weekly gross in the US, the press release said. Rajnikanth fans in the Bay Area, California, planned a party and a slogan contest about friendship, a “Kuselan” theme.

“Rajni fans have also ordered special customised candies with his face. We have started ‘Kuselan’ and friendship online contest for 25 pairs of free tickets, sponsored by us. Also, distribution of audio CDs to be given with premiere show tickets are some of the unique marketing techniques we have adopted,” said Sriram Krishnan, president of Pyramid Saimira Entertainment America in Dallas.

Some Indian restaurants in major US cities have planned screening of Rajnikanth videos and “Kuselan” slideshows, the release said.


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