Like to spread positivity through my films: Aadi

Actor-composer-director Aadi, who struck gold with his latest Tamil directorial debut “Meesaya Murukku“, says he would like to spread positivity and instill confidence in the younger generation through his future projects.

“Meesaya Murukku”, released last week in cinemas, has turned out to be a money-spinner.

A jubilant Aadi told IANS: “We seriously didn’t expect this kind of a reception. Shows are going houseful and the entire team is on cloud nine. This success means a lot to us and it will motivate us to continue our good work.”

“Meesaya Murukku” is a semi-autobiographical story of Aadi, a rapper-turned-filmmaker.

“Unlike most films targeted at youth, ‘Meesaya Murukku’ instills lot of positivity in youngsters and that’s what has worked in the film’s favour big time,” he said.

“The general perception about youth is that they waste time in love, smoking and drinking. I wanted to change that and show them in a different light,” he added.

The film has worked wonders with college-goers.

“I’d like to spread positivity and instill confidence in the youth through my films. Cinema is a great medium to entertain as well as inspire. If you can show them something positive, I’m sure they will be influenced in the right way,” he added.

Will “Meesaya Murukku” be a one-off directorial attempt’

“I’m not sure about the road ahead. What I’m sure of is that I want to be a responsible filmmaker,” he said.



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