From the filmmaker, who delivered commendable flicks ‘Iyarkai‘ and ‘Ee‘, here comes ‘Peranmai‘ -a desi version of Hollywood superstar’s Rambo. SP Jananathan strikes back with a similar touch of placing a social crisis as central theme blending them accordingly with commercial elements. Perhaps, this could be the best film in Ravi’s career.

Peranmai‘ doesn’t boasts of an exceptional storyline as we’ve already watched similar films based on ‘one-man army’ (more than hundred times over the screens). Aye! Didn’t we enjoy watching Vijayakanth, Arjun and Sarath Kumar saving our motherland from terrorists? Well, don’t presume this film to be much ridiculous as those films. It has got a perfect narration, interesting elements which go along with little illogicality like a puny girl bashing down a goliath.

The film revolves around Dhruva (Jeyam Ravi), a forest officer raised in tribal community has to train NCC girls. He chooses 5 most arrogant girls (Dhansika, Maha, Liasri, Saranya and Vasundhara) for trekking inside a forest, who are unwilling to work with him. Later they venture into the forest only to witness an appalling scenario as they witness 16 aliens from foreign country having reached there to blow up the Indian Spacecraft that is to be launched.

What unfolds next is a series of ‘thrilling’ moments with a much predictable climax.

Jeyam Ravi does a brilliant job in all aspects. He’s extraordinary over performing daredevil stunts. SP Jananathan has shaped his character so magnificently offering him a milestone. All the five girls have excelled with their top-notching performance. Roland Kickinger makes a stunning show with his gigantic physique. But it really looks weird when a guy like Ravi bashes down him easily. The climax portion of saving the spacecraft is quite ridiculous and Jananathan should’ve come up with something innovatively different….

Roland Kickinger doesn’t get enough scope to perform well. It really makes us wonder why Jananathan had to rope in such a great actor and portray him so flimsily.

Vidhyasagar’s musical score fails to impress us while Satish’s cinematography is excellent.

On the whole, ‘Peranmai‘ has got a good interesting storyline, but some of the illogical factors stop the film from getting labeled as ‘excellent’.

Banner: Ayangaran International
Production: Karunakaran, Arun Pandian
Direction: SP Jananathan
Star-casts: Jeyam Ravi, Roland Kickinger, Vadivelu, Oorvasi, Ponvannan, Dhanushika, Liyashree, Saranya, Varsha (Magha), Vasundhara and others.
Music: Vidhyasagar
Rating: 3/5

–R. Richard Mahesh


  1. I am looking forward to watch this Movie… I love jeyam Ravi… and this chocolate boy action in all of his movies..

    Da Ravi Love you da.. I missed you…UMMMMAAAA


  2. I just watched this movie at 3pm and am writing this as 10pm. To me, it’s a good movie when the “magic” still lingers on after I’ve watched the movie and leave the cinema. Yeap, this is one of those movies. Excellent acting, perfect script and cinematography…but they could have improved on the graphics and Rolland getting bashed by the girls. Nevertheless, thumbs up for a wonderful movie. I just hope directors will not go back to ancient one-man army style genres and try to raise the bar from here!


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