Producer Dhananjayan’s take on TFPC’s initiatives

Couple of days back, Tamil Film Producers Council had come up finest resolutions on various arenas of elevating the standard of Tamil film industry. Amongst various initiatives, selling home video rights within 3 months of time has been considered as the most dignifying measures of the council.

Producer Dhananjayan of Moser Baer requires a special mention due to his substantiality of bringing revolution in Home Video markets. Of course, he has delivered DVDs and VCDs of most successful films at cheaper rates.

Expressing his view on Home Video rights, Dhananjayan makes a clear statement saying,

“Shortened window for home video (DVDs/VCDs) of 100 days and 50 days is a good initiative and will help to improve the home video market. However, the Producer Council must pass a resolution advising the TV channels not to insist on Home Video rights while buying the satellite rights and allow the same to be treated as a separate right. Nowhere in the country, are the Home Video rights sold with satellite rights except in TN, leading to no revenue opportunity from home video for most producers from this right as it was already taken by the satellite channel along with the satellite right. TFPC must insist to Satellite channels to delink the rights of home video and buy only satellite rights so that the Producers can legitimately sell the home video rights at appropriate prices.”

–R. Richard Mahesh


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