Rajamouli talks about his movies

September 30, 2010 : SS Rajamouli is perhaps one of the most talented directors of the Telugu film industry and he has created some of the finest films in the past. All of his past films have brought something new to the table and intrigued the audience.

The maverick director has created blockbuster movies like ‘Simhadri’, ‘Chatrapti’, ‘Yamadonga’, ‘Magadheera’, etc. Despite creating such huge hits the director humbly maintains that he is yet to achieve anything in his life.


Rajamouli has a creative fervor in him that makes his films so unique. ‘Sye’ drew the attention of the audience to a not-so-popular-sport in India. Most Indians are not aware of the game and the film increased awareness about the lost sport. During a recent interview Rajamouli claimed that he is not a big shot director because he has not achieved much yet. Rajamouli also informed us that he will consider himself a hotshot only if he directs a big movie like ‘Mahabharata’ within the next ten years.

Rajamouli is one of those directors who does not like to take a break from his work and constantly tries to create something new for the audience. It seems that the director has huge plans for his films in the next ten years, so we wish all the best to him.