Rajnikant starrer ‘Kuselan’ goes to Tokyo film festival

rajnikanth17042002.jpgChennai, July 25 (IANS) Tamil superstar Rajnikant starrer “Kuselan” will be shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival, starting in October.The film is scheduled to be released here July 31.

“After the superstar’s huge popularity following the success of ‘Muthu’ in Japan, interest in his films is huge. Since Rajnikant is playing himself, the pre-release response is fantastic,” R. Venkatakrishnan, Chief Operating Officer Pyramid Saimira, told IANS.

Rajnikant’s 1995 film “Muthu” was dubbed in Japanese and released in Japan in 1998. It ran for 288 days in multiple screens.

It is not clear right now whether the actor will attend the festival, said sources close to the actor.

So far Japanese media companies and television stations have produced over 30 documentaries on Rajnikant.


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