Rama Prasad Banik: Expired In A Private Nursing Home In Kolkata

December 29, 2010 : Prominent theatre personality of Kolkata, Rama Prasad Banik breathed his last on Monday, the 27th of December night at a Kolkata city private hospital where he had been admitted on 25th night.

The exponent of theatre in Kolkata was 56 and had been admitted due to severe respiratory problems. The actor suffered health problems while giving a performance on stage in a place near Kolkata. He is survived by his mother, wife and two daughters.

The news about his demise came as quite a shock to most of his fans who have been avid followers of theatre ever since this great personality began his career. The playwright, actor, director from Bengal was not only popular in India but also abroad as he had traveled extensively with his theatre group in the US, Canada, and Britain.

Rama Prasad Banik reportedly began his career as a child actor. Then as he joined Sambhu Mitra’s theatre group named ‘Bahurupee’ he got to take part in many plays. Thus while being  attached to this group he enacted several characters in plays like ‘Putul Khela’, ‘Dasha Chakra’, ‘Cherra Tar’, ‘Char Addhyay’, etc.

However it was his stellar performance in the film titled Jadi Arekbar that stole away all hearts.

After his stint with the ‘Bahurupee’ group was over he came up with his own group called the ‘Chena Mukh’.With his own group he came up with some great plays like ‘Trata’, ‘Tempest’ etc.

Throughout his life he had tried to propagate theatre into the mainstream of performing arts and he was a very prominent part of the Nehru Children’s Museum theatre classes where he has trained innumerable artists under his talented wings.

The great contributions by this talented personality have been recognized and thus he was given the national scholarship for contribution to theatre and received awards from All India Critic circle along with the Paschim Banga Natya Akademi.


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