Rupesh Paul fakes Oscar Nominations News?

By: Faisal Saif

After Sherlyn Chopra did the much talked about ‘Playboy‘ magazine’s cover, A Film maker named Rupesh Paul from Kerala signs her up and another controversial actress Kavita Radheshyam and announces a film called ‘Kamasutra 3D‘ which grabs lots of Media and Eye-Balls as well. The film’s First Look poster was launched at Goa IFFI. The same Film Maker’s earlier English Film ‘Saint Dracula 3D‘ is again in the news for it’s Oscar Nominations list for Best Soundtrack or Original Score for 3 categories (According to the Film maker).

Rupesh Paul
Rupesh Paul

How can an Indian Film maker’s film gets into Oscar Nomination listings and the major News Media is mute about this whole episode? When we made a small search about this whole issue. The Film maker Rupesh Paul’s Wikipedia says he has made a Malayalam film called ‘My Mother’s Laptop‘ which sank very badly at the Box Office, And the critics tore the film apart. Rupesh went on to make few short films and also made a Malayalam film called ‘Raktha Rakshas‘ and an english film called ‘Saint Dracula 3D‘ which awaits it’s release.

The Trailer of both the films are easily available on YouTube. The Trailer of Raktha Rakshas sounds very much like a ‘Home-Made’ low budgeted film and Saint Dracula 3D looks like Yet-Another Firangi B Grader. Some online Press did cover the News of Saint Dracula 3D getting Oscar Nominations, But when we made a small investigations, We got no authentic proof.

According to the Oscar’s Official websites, The ‘Nominations’ news will be announced on January 10th 2013. And if we go by Yahoo Golden Globe 2013 list, There’s no sound of Saint Dracula 3D. Also major international press like L.A.Times and E Online News has no clue about the film. If you try and visit Rupesh Paul’s social networking Facebook profile, You will find the Profile filled with announcement’s about his another feature film titled WTF (Which is again in the making) and it’s Press Links. Also the film maker’s update on signing up and receiving an advance payment for a Big Banner “Bollywood” film.

Is this ‘Fake’ Oscar Nomination news was to attract some Producers or Financier’s? Only time will tell. We really hope one day Rupesh does win an Oscar and make India Proud.. For Real.