Surya’s advice to his fans on six-packs

‘It’s good to keep your body fit. But please don’t tone your bodies for six-pack’ said Surya as he interacted with media channels over herein Chennai. The actor was present along with his director K.S. Ravikumar and producer Udayanidhi Stalin to promote their upcoming film ‘Aadhavan‘.

Throwing more light on the film, Surya said,

“I will appear as a 10-year old boy in the flashback sequences. As K.S. Ravikumar came up with this idea, I wasn’t sure about doing it since we never knew how far it would be favorable. But Mumbai based visual effect specialist Govadhan had made it possible.”

Adding more about six-pack mania in town, the actor added getting involved in six-pack workouts will yield adverse results.

–R. Richard Mahesh


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