I love Sunil (Grover) and we didn’t have any fights revealed Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma who was present at the trailer launch of his upcoming film, ‘Firangi’ during media interaction said, he loves Sunil (Grover) and they didn’t have any fights.

“I love him. I like to work with best of people. When I was doing comedy circus, I use to tell people, I met this guy Sunil Grover in Hans Baliye, let’s get him, I saw his show, I liked him. When you work with the best, you learn a lot” said the actor on Tuesday.

“Sunil and I, we have known each other for nine years now, and we have been working together for five years, see I don’t have any problem with Sunil, but had I been in his place, I would’ve definitely asked one time that I haven’t seen you like this in five years, why are you behaving like this…maybe nothing would have happened, but still nothing has happened, I love him” added Kapil.

Kapil said that he was shocked when he read news about him after completing shoots after 2 months and he wasn’t even aware that there is a department called public relations. “I used to shoot for hours and then come back and shoot for the show. I used to work under a lot of pressure without even having the time to sleep.

Finally, after winding up the shoots for the film, I looked at the news after 2 months. I was shocked by the weird news published on the net, I don’t even have a PR team, I never did I was completely unaware of the concept until my first film.”

‘Firangi’ produced Kapil Sharma is set during the British era and the trailer reveals that the audience will be witnessing the quirkiest fight against the Brits that has ever been seen. It stars, Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill, Aanjjan Srivastav, Maryam Zakaria and Raju Srivastav (special appearance).

The film ‘Firangi’ directed by Rajiev Dhingra is scheduled for release on 24th November 2017.


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