“I Just Knew Shakeel Was The Man For Me,” Says Amrita Arora Hours Before Her Wedding

 Amrita Arora, Shakeel

It’s arguably the most important day of her life. And Amrita Arora is naturally excited as she prepares for her Christian wedding to beau Shakeel Ladak. The nikaah is two days later. “We were supposed to have a church wedding today,” Amrita chatters excitedly as the makeup lady does her most challenging job ever for the actress. “But there were some security hassles . So we quickly moved the venue to Olive. But no hassles because we always had a standby ready.”

Amrita Arora Wallpaper on 23rd Jan 2009.jpgAmrita gives full credit to her sister Malaika for all the arrangements. “I know nothing about the wedding arrangement. It was all done by my sister who put her own life on hold to look into my wedding details.I’m blessed to have such a supportive family. I’ve my wedding today(Wednesday 4 March) and I’m talking to you while my folks are taking care of everything,” the bride got emotional as her mother reminded her she needed to hurry up with the dressing up.

But Amrita decided to get introspective . “You know , the minute I set my eyes on Shakeel I knew he was the man I wanted to marry. It’s like a karmic connection. I just felt it. I had never felt this before. Shakeel is everything that I want my husband to be. And I’m determined to make our marriage work. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Ask her about the honeymoon which will follow the sangeet on Thursday and the nikaah on Friday and Amrita shrugs, “ The problem is, both Shakeel and I are so widely traveled we’ve nowhere to go that we can claim as being our private honeymoon spot. There doesn’t seem to be any place that neither of us has not visited. I guess we’ll just hold each other’s hand close our eyes and point to any part of the globe as our honeymoon spot. It doesn’t matter where we go as long as we’re together.”

— By Subhash K Jha


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