‘A’ for Riteish

Aamir Khan might’ve won a lot of attention with his ingenious ways of promoting his films.

Now here’s another actor who has chosen a very ‘creative’ way of promoting his film. Riteish Deshmukh has been sporting t-shirts with an ‘A’ embroidered on them akin to the red sweater that he wears throughout his film ‘Aladin‘.

Deshmukh, who is extremely enthusiastic about his first film with his favourite actor Amitabh Bachchan, has been wearing t-shirts with the ‘A’ in the distinguished Aladin style for various promotional events for the film.

Says a source from the production team,

“Riteish has got the ‘A’ of Aladin stitched on several of his t-shirts and vests and makes it a point to wear them at every event relating to the film or during his interactions with the press. Aladin is a very special film for him and that’s his way of showing his enthusiasm and promoting the film”.

In Eros International’s Aladin, Riteish plays a reclusive high school lad who is always seen in his red sweater with the trademark ‘A’ on it along with his tattered leather bag.

Says Director Sujoy Ghosh,

“When I met Riteish for the Music Launch of the film, he was wearing a blue pull over with Aladin‘s ‘A’ on it. I told him it looked very cool and he replied that he’s got a whole collection of such t-shirts! I was like wow, that’s the kind of passion an actor can have for his work”.


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