A friend indeed!

Salim Khan helped out director Boney Kapoor when he was going through a rough financial phase before his film, Wanted, released. Boney was ready to do anything to make sure his film released. And when Salim Khan helped him out, he was touched by his kind gesture.

Boney Kapoor at Yeh Mera India press meet in Time N Again on 20th Aug 2009 (7)
Boney Kapoor

Salman already did his bit by charging Boney only 7 crore for the film instead of his usual 25 crore. Boney has always been close to Salim Khan’s family because Boney son, Arjun Kapoor, once dated Salim Khan’s youngest daughter, Arpita Khan. And the two are still best friends.

So the Khan family considers Boney as part of their family. Salim Khan helped him by offering him about one crore rupees.

However, Salim Khan doesn’t get the fuss being made about the issue. He feels that if people have money lying in banks, the least they could do is to offer it to a friend in need. But he is not ready to give the exact amount that he gave Boney as he feels it is their personal matter.


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