Abhay Deol’s professor role

Abhay Deol at Al_s Tattoo parlour in Carter Road, Bandra on 7th Jan 2009 (17).JPGNo, he’s not playing such a role in a movie. Actually Abhay Deol’s having the time of his life in the US. From being a welding student, he’s now giving lectures too there. Reportedly he wooed the audience with his speech at the prestigious Wharton business school of the University Of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Abhay Deol at Bindass UTV studios in UTV office  on 1st December 2008(9).JPGHe talked about topics like multiplex versus single screen films to the new economy to Bollywood going global and on various aspects of avant-garde cinema

He said of the March 21 speech, “It was a fun experience. The audience was very receptive and excited. I didn’t go with any theme in mind. I was asked questions about Bollywood. A lot of them were to do with how the industry has been up till now and about how it is changing rapidly.”

He also added, “We spoke of the ‘multiplex’ film versus the ‘single screen’ film, of the new economy, the new generation of film watchers, the possibility of Bollywood going global, and talent out there which is yet to be tapped.”

From day one he’s acted in films like ‘Socha Na Tha’, ‘Ahista Ahista’ ‘Manorama Six Feet Under’, ‘Oye Lucky Oye’ and more recently ‘Dev D’. So much so that now he’s being seen as the voice of a specific kind of niche avant-garde cinema in Bollywood.

He added, “A lot of the questions had to do with my choice of films. The hall was packed and we got asked many questions. One person even asked me about how some of the sequences in Dev D were shot, primarily the ones where I was rigged with the camera.”

He also talks about how happy he’s in New York. After ‘suddenly rising’ Freida Pinto, he’s another star who loves the city.

He informed, “I love this city. I feel at home here as the people are very much like they are in Mumbai and I have my own place. I do cook, but I mostly eat out and I keep my place clean. Once in two weeks I have a maid who comes and cleans the apartment.”

He will only return to Mumbai to shoot for Anil Kapoor‘s ‘Ayesha’ with Sonam Kapoor after his dates are sorted out.

He’s also been linked up with Soha Ali Khan in the past, and now Sonam and ‘Miss Great Britain’ Preeti Desai and Abhay simply says: “The Indian press would link me with a pizza if I was spotted carrying one with me.”

This guy sure is doing pretty well in life, his own unconventional way.


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