After 13 years Murli and Madhavan to be seen in 13 B.

Madhavan on the sets of 13B on 9th Feb 2009 (7).JPGMurli Sharma who allegedly claimed that he will no longer play a cops role (after essaying a dozen of them) had to eat his words. Quite literally Murli will be seen playing the role of a cop in 13 B, which is all set to hit theatres on the 6 th of March. Interestingly, Murli will be acting alongside R. Madhavan who plays the protagonist. They were last seen in Sea Hawks directed by Anubhav Sinha. In the past Murli played a cop’s role in umpteen films the recent one being Jaane Tu.

Murli says, “Every time I make up my mind to move beyond a cops role, I end up doing it in the next project. Not that I don’t enjoy such a role, it’s just that I would not like to limit myself. In this movie I play a cop, who gets into everything else, but policing crime and criminals. It’s a thriller and I fight the unseen. With Madhavan I go a long way and its super fun being in his company. Murli will also be seen in Nikhil Bhatt’s forthcoming film Salon where he plays a Bihari.

Well Murli next time you better watch your words because you never know who’s listening.


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