Akshay Kumar: Return Of The Action Hero In Tees Maar Khan

November 29, 2010 : Akshay Kumar, the action hero has indeed proved himself to be one of the most physically apt person to fit into that category. Akshay’s earlier movies had him performing some very challenging action sequences which very few top stars would ever even dream of attempting.

At a time, when most stars would not hesitate to use a body double, Akshay Kumar crossed the line and showed to the world what performing one’s one stunts on screen was actually possible. Trained in martial arts, he has performed most stunts on screen like a true pro fight man and has always come out with flying colors, albeit with minor injuries.

Apart from a few bloopers like Chandni Chowk to China, where his martial arts fight sequences were amazing, but still the film was not a hit, most of his action movies right from Khiladi no.1 to Khiladi 420 to International Khiladi, all have managed to leave the audiences spell bound with his daring stunts. Whether it has been a jump from high rises to jumping from air craft wings or to dive in the deep blue sea like in his films Blue, Housefull ( in this movie he had reportedly injured his eardrum while giving a shot for an underwater sequence)etc, this action star has always been the real macho man of Bollywood.

However, there was a time in between when this action star had shifted his focus to the genre of comedy. Thus he was seen in comic roles in movies like Hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pheri, Bhaagam Bhag, and De Dana Dan to name just a few, where he was equally loved by the viewers.

Now again after quite some time Akshay Kumar is returning to his original style, in the role of action hero in the forth coming Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan.

In this movie he is playing the character of a conman who is smart enough to carry out any daring plan with his daring spirit and guts. So, for all those of you who love action straight from the hero’s kick fights, without using body doubles – this is the movie for you guys!


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