Akshay Praises actor Rahul Singh

Actor Rahul Singh plays an extremely colorful antagonist in KHILADI 786 ,whose character graph travels from funny to ironical to serious to tragically comic to becoming an action man that turns comically tragic ! Its one hell of a ride ! His significance runs almost parallel to the heros and he is not just the regular negative role .

.Rahul Singh (5).jpgAcccording to the source , after the entire search n names coming up n going .Akshay chose Rahul singh whos life spice has been versatility with vastly varying performances ranging from delhi belly to Zubeida to Jail To Tere Bin Laden to Chalo Dilli to Stanley ka Dubba To Darna mana Hain with some of Indian finest filmmakers

Source also includes.”the best thing akshay said to rahul during the shoot …well after they shot the climax fight at filmdoms biggest certfied akhaada ( Mukesh mill) he offered an encouraging handshake to Rahul Singh and said ‘ after the film you are an action star .Rahul Says “Well i am gonna take this serious compliment since it comes from actor who redefined action in indian cinema” .


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