Amazed by Akshay Kumar’s Discipline and Commitment Says Shankar Shanmugam

Filmmaker Shankar Shanmugam was spotted at the press junket for forthcoming sci-fi action drama film 2.0. During his media interaction, the filmmaker praised Akshay Kumar stating that his commitment, performance, and discipline has amazed him.

Talking about working with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar in 2.0 the south Indian filmmaker Shankar Shanmugan said, “It is great. I am amazed by his discipline, performance, and commitment. We would spend two and a half hour putting on that make-up and another one and a half hour taking it down, and on top of that we gave him lenses to wear, prosthetics, teeth, wigs, and heavy outfit, and we’re shooting in a hot summer. With all this torture, he had to emote for the character, he did a great job”
Akshay Kumar will be seen playing his first ever grey avatar in 2.0, which also stars Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson in the leading roles, but filmmaker reveals there is more to the character.
Talking about Akshay Kumar role, Shankar quipped, “He is not the antagonist, there are a lot of shades and that is the most interesting thing in the film and I believe that is the reason he agreed to do the part”
2.0 is made with a whopping budget of 543 crores, which makes the most expensive movie ever made in Indian cinema. The film is a special effect extravaganza, which has been “challenging” to make added Shankar.
Talking about the film, Shankar said, “If you have seen the trailer, there is a cell-man; the cell-man is a set-up, along with the huge bird, which is also a set-up, so it took a lot of budget and time. And to give emotions to those characters, it was quite challenging and it took us a lot of time”
The trailer for the film is out and it is apparent that it is battle between good and evil, but filmmaker says there is more to the film, as he wants his audience to have an experience.
Talking about holding back the actual message in the film, director Shankar said, “Entire material is not out there in the trailer. I put myself as an audience first. As an audience, I don’t want to know everything beforehand, I want to go to the theater and enjoy the film, so same experience I wanted the audience to enjoy. That is why I am trying to hold but people are able to make what it is”
The film serves as a sequel to the 2010 Tamil film Enthiran and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be seen making a cameo appearance.
The film is slated for 29th November 2018 release.


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