Apologies To All The Muslims Says Sara Khan

Television actress and former Bigg Boss contestant Sara Khan has finally issues an apology for making a comment on Islam and Burkha.

Recently, while addressing the media with Rakhi Sawant, Sara Khan had commented on burkha and said, “Just because in Muslim community it is said that girls should do parda, why don’t they say that men should cover their eyes. I am Muslim myself, and I have only one complaint towards those people who keep ranting about burkha. Shame on them as to why are they seeing that thing. Why should we be in parda”
Her comment made headlines, not to mention hurting the sentiments of the Muslim community. Sara Khan was trolled mercilessly and now finally issues an apology via video, where she claims she didn’t mean what she said.
Sara Khan shared the video on her social media. She captioned it, “Apologies to all the Muslims for what I said I don’t know what was I thinking…extremely sorry”
In the video, she is seen saying “Hi Guys, there is this video, which is going viral now in which I have commented on Islam and Burkha, and I didn’t mean what I said, my word selection was wrong and the way I said it, was wrong as well. The way I have said things was wrong”
“I am no one to comment on any religion or point out something. And for that I am truly sorry, I apologize to all the Muslims, whose emotions I’ve hurt. I seriously don’t mean whatever I said, I am extremely sorry. And all I want to say right now is only human make mistakes, I am a human, I have made a mistake, a huge mistake and I want to apologize. I am sorry”
Slowly but steadily, Sara Khan is turning into controversy’s favorite child. Starting with her wedding fiasco on TV, followed by her nude video going viral, and now insensitive remark about religion, she has managed to shoot her own foot!


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