Bollywood Adalat is about the real backstories of Bollywood personalities: Praveen Kumar

Mahiransh Productions presents a new talk show ‘Bollywood Adalat’ that will showcase the backstories of Bollywood personalities said the producer Praveen Kumar during a promotional interview of the show.

While talking about the show’s concept Praveen said, “The show is about the real back-stories of Bollywood and our guests will only be celebrities from the entertainment industry. The talk show will showcase the truth of controversies that happen on the actor’s behalf. We will not just uncover the stories of bad experience they had but also talk about the wrong-doings of these celebrities. Bollywood Adalat will become a place for them to put forth their side of the story.”

Praveen Kumar stated that actors like Raj Pal Yadav, Ragini Khanna, Viney Anand, Krishna, Govinda, Anoop Jalota, Vidhu Dara Singh, Dilip Sen, Yograj Singh, B N Sharma and many more are the first few guests on the show.

When asked if it was a challenge to get celebrities on board he said, “It was a huge challenge to get them on board but we had to do something unique and different.”

When asked who would they want to call next on ‘Bollywood Adalat’ Praveen said, “I would like to call Kapil Sharma on Bollywood Adalat next. There are a lot of controversies going on and we would want to give him a platform to express his thoughts.”

Directed and conceptualized by Raazz  Singh, hopefully ‘Bollywood Adalat’ will uncover the truth and give audience, the real back-stories and does not become just another entertaining talk show.