Actor Boman Irani is urging people to take a ‘Smelfie Challenge’ to rid their homes of odour.

Boman, who is the brand ambassador of Ambi Pur Air Effects, said: “I have experienced that even the cleanest households can have odours, which hit the nose and make it uncomfortable not just for residents, but guests more so.”

So, he wants people to participate in the brand’s ‘Smelfie Challenge’, under which consumers are invited to click their ‘smelfies’ with what they consider the most difficult household odour to get rid of, and send it to them.

He said: “I invite the country to participate in Ambi Pur Smelfie contest, and challenge Ambi Pur to their worst household odours. I am sure they will be as convinced as I am.”

The brand might rope in a Bollywood actress too to promote the product.