Celina is highly professional

Professionalism garners respect, and for Celina Jaitley it seems to have earned her a whole lot of it!

Celina had recently met with an accident when she was shooting for ‘Shreemati‘ in the Maldives and ended up with a cast on her hand. But when she was made aware that the third schedule of her new movie ‘Chai Garam‘ is going to soon commence in Thailand, she showed her professionalism by agreeing to remove the cast and shoot.

She did not throw starry tantrums or tried to postpone the shoot according to her convenience, but instead she acted like a thorough professional and stuck to her commitment.

Sources say that Celina did not want to put her crew into any kind of trouble and didn’t want to disappoint her team by letting them down. So she decided to forgo her pain and complete the shoot. With this attitude Celina will surely so a long way in her career.


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