Chunky races with Richard.

Ek The Power of One - Chunkey Pandey.jpgWhen he was offered Ronnie and Rocky, an animation film, Chunky Pandey was kicked about it. Animation films were in and he felt that it would be great to be a part of it. Chunky even cut his price for the film as he was so attached to movie after just hearing the script. He shot for it nonstop.

Chunkey Pandey with his wife at DJ Aqeels rocking birthday bash in Poison, Bandra, Mumbai on May 21st 2008(21).JPG Ronnie and Rocky also stars a dog called Richard and Chunky and the dog shot quite a chunk of a film together. But imagine Chunky’s shock when he learnt that the dog was paid a bigger amount than him. Bechara Chunky did not know how to react. Of course he later realised that the dog had been imported from Hollywood and therefore the price. Heard that Chunky is trying in luck in Hollywood now.


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