Crisis Pe Crisis – Vipul Halts All Publicity For Salman

Vipul Shah’s ‘London Dreams‘ has turned into a bit of a nightmare.

First there is the Salman spree of 3 back-to-back releases to be dealt with. Now Vipul Shah has another biggie dropping into the same space on Friday as his ‘London Dreams‘.

As of now Vipul has stopped all Salman-centric publicity for ‘London Dreams‘.

Salman Khan in London Shooting for London Dreams
Salman Khan in London Shooting for London Dreams

The Salman season has begun full swing. After the whopping ‘Wanted‘, it is Salman’s home production ‘Main Aurr Mrs Khanna‘ on October 16 followed by Vipul Shah’s ‘London Dreams‘ on October 30.

Is this a case of Salman overkill? Vipul doesn’t think so. But he has put a halt to all publicity involving Salman for ‘London Dreams‘ until ‘Main Aurr Mrs Khanna‘ is released on October 16.

“There’s no point in a publicity overlap. I don’t want audiences to be confused or annoyed by repeated and overlapping images of Salman’s films. Fortunately for me both ‘Wanted‘ and ‘Main Aurr Mrs Khanna‘ are very different from my film, and from one another. However it’s finally the same Salman. So I’d rather not waste his publicity dates or my efforts to get the film noticed.”

All publicity involving Salman in ‘London Dreams‘ has come to a halt. And Vipul is looking at a new strategy to promote his film.

“I’m waiting and observing the way ‘Main Aurr Mrs Khanna‘ is being promoted. My challenge is to now present Salman differently from the way he was presented for ‘Wanted‘ and Main Aurr Mrs Khanna.”

One of the ideas is to host a round of rock concerts in selected cities featuring Salman, Ajay Devgan and Asin since the film is about a music band.

But at the moment Vipul is tightlipped on this.

“It’s never wise to reveal your strategy. You never know who might decide to use it before you do.”

Another problem has crept up on ‘London Dreams‘ from the back.

Sujoy Ghosh’s fantasy ‘Aladin‘ has been pre-poned from 13 November to 30 October.

“I had gone ahead and planned an October 30 release with the producers’ guild’s assurance that there would be no other release. But now suddenly ‘Aladin‘ has been pre-poned to the same Friday as ‘London Dreams‘. I hope neither of the films suffers,”

Vipul has his fingers crossed.

–By Subhash K Jha


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