‘Ek’ problem with Ramuji

Ram Gopal Verma promotes Phoonk on July 24th 2008 (11).JPGRecent media reports stated Ram Gopal Verma is mighty upset with K Sera Sera because apparently they used the title of Ramu’s film that was registered 6 years ago.

Ram Gopal Verma promotes Phoonk on July 24th 2008 (8).JPGWell, when we spoke to Jaswant Khera the executive producer of ‘Ek’ he said, “As far as we are concerned we have absolutely no issues with anyone we obtained the censor certificate which one can get only after the approval from all the concerned Film Producer Associations. If the title was already registered we wouldn’t have got the Censor Board Certificate in the first place.”

Now that quite clears the air

‘Ek’ – The Power of One is produced by K Sera Sera and stars Bobby Deol, Nana Patekar and Shriya Saran. The film is a family entertainer and is ready to hit the silver screen on the 27th of March.


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