Everyone is at fault says Anurag Kashyap about sexual harassment at workplace

Bollywood at the 9th Jagran Film festival’s closing ceremony on Sunday addressed the recent development in the Me too moment when Tanushree Dutta stated allegations on veteran actor Nana Patekar harassed her on the sets of the film ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’ when the two were shooting for an item song.

Director Anurag Kashyap who is known to speak out his mind, said it is important we look into ourselves, “We have to look back into our lives and the things we have done. Its time we grow up, acknowledge and accept your mistakes. This is everyone’s fault the society, conditioning and the way we behave. We have to question ourselves. All of us, you and me.”

Anurag’s ‘Mukkabaaz’ was screen at 9th Jagran Film Festival.

Swara Bhaskar who is gearing up for her web series, ‘Its not that simple’ season 2 when talking about Bollywood’s me too moment she said, “Safe working place is every women and man’s right. al harassment at workplace is a very big issue in our society. It gets very little attention and very little serious conversation actually happens about it and we are mostly unaware about it. So it is good that this is coming out now and we should talk about it more responsibly. And with a collective way we should make our work environment safe.”

Actor Pankaj Kapoor who was also present at the Film festival’s closing ceremony with wife Supriya Pathak said, “If things like these have happened that there should be an investigation. I can’t say who is right or wrong but there should be an investigation”

Many celebrities have shown support on social media after the news first broke and the later when journalist Janice Sequeira said she was also present on set.