Farhan Akhtar – Woman Are More Harassed, But Not All The Time

Actor and filmmaker Farhan Akhtar believes that it is the woman, who is more harassed than the man, but it is not true all the time.

“I don’t think that would be true from existing records or information out there on public domains. I do believe that more often than not, it is the woman, who is harassed but it doesn’t mean all the time” said Farhan Akhtar, when asked about whether the man is more harassed than a woman.

Farhan Akhtar, the brand ambassador for Linen Club was present at the Inauguration of their exclusive brand outlet. During media interaction, he talked about his personal style mantra.

“Personal style mantra, I think the important thing is to be yourself, to have an individual style quotient. You don’t need to necessary follow what other people are doing. It is about being comfortable, it is about being yourself. I think that is most important to me as far as personal style mantra is concerned” said Farhan.

While talking about celebrity looks Farhan was asked which celebrities’ style statement does he love and if he is conscious about his looks in public, he said, “I love my own style statement, and I don’t really have an airport look. But of course, if you are going somewhere like a red carpet event so you dress accordingly. It’s not forced on you but you have to respect where it is that you are going. Within that, you still have the opportunity to still do your own thing. That’s where our individuality plays an important role”

Farhan was last seen in ‘Lucknow Central’ directed by Ranjit Tiwari with Diana Penty and in a special appearance in ‘Daddy’ with Arjun Rampal.


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