Gabriel Vats along with producer Neeraj Sharma back with social drama Nassebaaz

After garnering appreciation from Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan for his heart-warming drama I Am Mr. Mother, filmmaker Gabriel Vats is back with yet another social drama, Nassebaaz, addressing the dark side of drug rehabilitation centres in India.

Filmmaker Gabriel Vats along with lyricist and writer Seema Saini and producer Neeraj Sharma hosted press-meet to talks about the movie and the new song, Maangi Duaa.

The film Nassebaaz is an intense coming of age drama addressing disease of addiction and inhumane treatment patients have to go through in rehabilitation centres in India.

Talking about his venture, Gabriel Vats said, “The film is not based on any particular real-life incidents, it is collectively based on cases I’ve researched and gone through via different sources. The Central Government and Uttar Pradesh Government collectively shut down some 400 rehabilitation centres, reason being they were molested, harassed and ill-treat. People with drug problem, depression and other social coping issues, needs understanding, support and care, not harassement, molestation and mistreatment. My movie chronicles that tale, it’s a movie based on social issue and it’s based on reality”

Recently the entire Bollywood was hit by Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty’s controversial case.

When asked if the movie covers that aspect as well, Gabriel said, “I want to present an issue; my movie has nothing to do with Sushant Singh Rajput, Drugs in Bollywood, Nepotism, or anything against Government. I am not looking for controversies; I want to represent a different story. A more humane aspect laced with reality. It is well document issue but never covered in films”

Talking about the turning script writer with Nassebaaz, lyricist Seema Saini said, “I loved the topic but it took me sometime before I came onboard. We have had long discussions and finally I said yes”

Talking about the song, Maangi Duaa, producer Neeraj Sharma said, “We will shoot the song in Mumbai. It is beautiful song and I am sure people will love it. Most part of the movie is shoot in Dehradun and I would like to invite filmmakers, producers, aspiring filmmakers to collaborate with us to make films in Uttrakhand”.

This film is co-produced by Rajeev Deshwal and Geetanjali Sharma is doing debut in this movie.