Gracy Singh strikes back with Aseema

The actress is back in the Bollywood radar with a novel woman-centric film, ‘Aseema‘, based on an award winning book

Gracy Singh at the climax shoot of Deshdrohi (36)
Gracy Singh at the climax shoot of Deshdrohi (36)

She has had two of the biggest hits in contemporary Hindi cinema- ‘Lagaan‘ and ‘Munnabhai MBBS‘ -and yet the actress turned her attention southwards. But now Gracy is back with a woman-centric film ‘Aseema‘ based on an award-winning novel by Shailaja Kumari, which has been directed by Sisir Mishra. And Gracy is confident that ‘Aseema‘ will touch everyone’s heart with its strong storyline.

Says the actress,

“Actually it is the script that matters the most to me. I am happy that my forthcoming film ‘Aseema‘ is on totally different lines from the rut. After reading the script I just fell for it, as it has the entire possible blend in the life of a woman, whether it be the mother-daughter relationship or man-woman relationship.”

Talking further about her role, she says,

“I accepted this role only because I liked it. I get a chance to showcase all three stages in a woman’s life. The character goes through a journey that enables her to taste success and emotional setbacks at the same time. All in all, it is a very challenging role.”

But that does not mean that the film is a serious one. Says she,

“The film imparts a social message, nonetheless it also has entertainment.”

Point to her that Sisir Mishra has also directed the likes of Shabana Azmi (Samay Ki Dhara) and Smita Patil (Bheegi Palkein) and Gracy says in all humility,

“Being ranked in the same league as Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi is a little too much for me. How can I compare myself with them? But I do feel privileged to be a part of the film, as Sisir not only helped me portray all the different stages in the life of a woman meticulously, but I really derived utmost satisfaction. This role would be more than a dream role for me. I really lived the character.”

But doesn’t she think that opting to work with a new production house may deprive her of work from the bigwigs?

“No one is small or big. It is the script and the storyline that speaks for itself. I’m sure the story of ‘Aseema‘ will be liked by the audiences. Sisir has captured the travails of a woman, how she fights for her identity, in a very beautiful manner,”

says the actress rather confidently.

She goes on to add,

“Sisir is not just a talented director, but you also get to learn so many things from him. If he wants a particular scene in a particular manner, he convinces you thoroughly. You see no reason to defy his ingenuity.”

But what about the rumours, of his being quite a disciplinarian on the sets?

“Not exactly, but he would make us start the day by going to the Jagannath Temple each morning. Because he believes that beginning the day with the blessings of God would keep the atmosphere pious and take away any obstacles. Working towards the betterment of the film would be anybody’s choice and we successfully finished our work in forty five days,”

signs off the lady quite diplomatically.


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